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Pocket Kings

    • mockers69
      Joined: 19.01.2011 Posts: 5

      I'm new to this game so be kind please.

      Last night dealt pocket Kings so i raised had to callers when the flop came down it was 2 4 4 so now i had two pair.

      On the flop i bet heavy and a caller dropped out turn was a 3 and i checked with the caller on the river that was a 3 the caller went all in

      With that i fonded

      This was not the right thing to do as i found out i had the best hand

      Could someone advise me on the correct way of playing this hand

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    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      A lot of things depend on the situation. There isn't one best way to play kings just like there isn't one best word to say.

      When you describe a SNG hand, you should say the stage of the SNG, your position relative to the other players, the blind level, and the approximate stacks.

      A KK overpair is usually strong, particularly in a raised pot with stacks of up to 50 bb with no flush or straight possible. You need a clear reason to fold it, or even not to bet it for value. If you are folding a KK overpair, what hands are you playing? You will not have better than KK often. You may find some opponents who are so predictable that you can fold KK even with short stacks, but that is an exploitive play, not solid poker.

      If there is an ace on the flop, you should not assume your opponent has an ace, but recognize that many more people will play A8 than Q8, so your opponents will often be ahead. Anyone who can't beat Ax is probably worried that you have Ax, so it can be hard to bet KK for value. So, particularly when players have tighter ranges, tend to treat KK more as a bluff-catcher after an ace high flop. You do not need to be as worried about a paired flop, particularly if the pair's rank is low. So, I would probably keep betting KK for value, aiming to get all-in, after a 244 flop.