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Dilemma. What do you think?

    • tigerrrr
      Joined: 22.03.2010 Posts: 20
      hi guys! Happy new year to everyone! ;-)

      could anyone advise me what to do, please?

      on what poker sites do you play?
      I play 9 man Turbo SNGs on Poker Stars. I also have an account with FTP and rakeback deal. That is why I'd like to switch to FTP but every time I take shots to play there I lose (I know it sounds superstitious ;-)). On PS I win (ROI 10% and downswing of -$30 lately) but I've paid more rake than I have winnings! (I play $1.50 + 25 with $130 BKR at the moment).
      I have a strict BRM of 100 buy-in and I pay myself 3% of a buy-in regardless of winning. (I've paid myself $23 + $10 bonus so far). It means that I need to go down! now.

      I feel like I am a slave to Poker Stars (because of high rake and lack of rakeback) and maybe I should think of playing on FTP or any other site instead even if it means loosing for some time and hopefully bouncing back at some point.

      What do you think guys?

      Many thanks!

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    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hi tigerrrr,

      Firstly, I would strongly advise against "losing for some time and hopefully bouncing back". If you are losing at the moment it is most likely due to 1 or more of the following:

      > Other players are consistently better than you (unlikely on the micro stakes and PokerStrategy educational material should give you an edge)
      > Variance. This should even out over time.
      > You might have a leak or leaks in your game. Once again studying the material, videos and coaching sessions can help you here.

      In terms of poker platform, there can sometimes be subtle differences in player strength across different platforms. Sometimes the smaller sites have fishier players where you can make more profit (even without a rakeback deal), especially the ones typically associated with a sports-book.

      It's just personal choice at the end of the day and PokerStrategy have many different partner rooms where you can enjoy great bonuses and earn PokerStrategy points etc.
      Checkout the individual platform forum boards for some feedback from other members on factors such as traffic, strength of player, % rake taken etc.

      Hope this helps. Shout if you need clarification on any aspect.

      Best regards,

    • occipital
      Joined: 11.11.2009 Posts: 37
      To me, player strength is similar between both sites. The fact that you are winning in the 9-man format on stars but not on full tilt may be due to the different blind structure, it also took me some time to adjust to this.
    • tigerrrr
      Joined: 22.03.2010 Posts: 20
      Thank you guys for your replies guys!
      I wanted to play on one of the betting sites. The problem is that there is not enough traffic for turbo sngs that I play :-/ could you advise any?