Do I need to upload funds before I deposit?

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      Dear Pokerstrategist, :spade:

      Just so you know that I used Entropay before, but for a small amount of money. And it has an expensive fees of 4.9% for loading cards (and hard to cash out). I'm interested to Moneybookers for such a low cost (1.9%)

      So, I have a question here. I will make a first deposit at FTP soon, I was planning to deposit around $625.00
      BTW, If I sign up to Moneybookers and give credit card information to them. Do I have to upload funds first? (Like Entropay) or Just do the transaction right away? (Like Paypal)

      Also, does Moneybookers allow Thailand member to deposit to poker sites?
      If not, I guess I have to stick with Entropay

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