PT3 vs HEM

    • luitzen
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      I'm an SnG player and I wanted to buy either PT3 or HEM. Currently I'm using a trial version of PT3 and there's an expired HEM trial version on my computer.

      I like satisfied with PT3, but it's a while since I've been using HEM, so I don't really know which one is better. So what would you guys advise me to buy, and why?

      Thanks in advance.
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    • DucksEatFish
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      I first used PT3 for the one month trial, and then Hem for the 15 day trial and ended up buying HeM.

      In general I think the HeM software is a bit more polished, has easier accesible functions and looks better. So I'd say HeM, but I guess it's a matter of personal preference :)