[NL2-NL10] K3s with bottom pair and flush draw

    • graefe78
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      Hello guys,

      first, I am sorry I didn't save the hand history and cannot convert it. I'll do so next time... but I hope you might have a look at this anyway, and I try to give all relevant information:

      NL10, I am at the BB and get to see a free flop on Kh3h.
      MP2 and LP called.

      Known players:
      MP2: 2.50 USD LP: 1.29 USD Hero: 2.00 USD

      Hero is on BB: Kh3h

      Flop (0.35USD): 3c-5h-8h, two of my suit.

      Hero checks, MP2 bets 0.20, LP calls 0.20, Hero calls 0.20

      Turn: 6d, no help with my suit.

      Hero checks, MP2 bets 0.68, LP raises all-in 0.99, Hero raises all-in 1.70, MP2 calls 1.02

      I decided to check on the flop, as I wanted to get a free draw, MP2 raises 0.20, LP1 calls.
      Now this might have been my first mistake in this hand: I called, as I assumed I'd have the outs for it (I assumed 14 outs, 9 hearts, 2 3s and 3 Ks). Should I have pushed all in there and tried to take the pot?

      Now I made the big mistake on the turn... Should probably just have folded but I ended up going all-in (1 street too late now...). River didn't help me.

      How should I have played this hand? All-in raise on the flop? Or even bet/re-raise all-in on the flop? Play the flop as I did and fold on the turn?

      Really sorry again for not having converted the hands but I don't have the history.

      Another hand:

      Known players:

      SB: 3.00 USD, Hero: 2.00 USD

      Hero/BB: 5c5d

      Flop (0.20USD): 5h, 9h Kc

      SB bets 0.10, Hero raises 0.30, SB calls 0.20.

      Turn (0.80 USD): Jd

      SB checks, Hero bets 0.60, SB calls.

      River (2.00 USD): Th

      SB bets 0.40, Hero calls 0.40

      I am on the BB with 55 (and a 2 USD stack), only against the SB (about 3 USD stack) and get a free flop.
      Flop (0.20 USD) is 5-9-K with a flushdraw.
      SB bets minimum (0.10), I raise to 0.30, SB calls.

      Turn (0.80): I make a 0.60 USD bet after a random card, so when the river comes the pot is at 2 USD. SB bets 0.40 and I call. Can I fold that? I assumed he might have had the flush there (small bet and he played it a bit like a flush draw).

      How to play that? Raise more on the flop (to 0.40? I ended up only raising half-pot) and push all-in on the turn?

      Sorry for these two unconverted hands but especially the first is one of those I can't really handle too well yet... Next time I'll have the hand history!

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    • Gerv
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      Hey Ben,

      I will judge them now but for next time please keep the amount of hands to #1 per thread AND convert the hands please

      About hand #1.
      Postflop: I really prefer semi bluffing with btmpair + FD rather than check/calling. But in any case both lines are fine along with c/f (=weak but still ok)

      Turn: know your equity. What is your equity with K:h3 with pair+flushdraw? probably not >50%

      Hence the Turn is c/f

      About hand #2.

      I raise the Flop bigger according to the pot rather than his mini bet for max value.

      Then if I am correct you can either overbetshove the Turn or make a big bet on the Turn

      Best regards,
    • graefe78
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      Thank's a lot for the evaluation!

      Really sorry about not converting, I am somehow not getting the hand history mails... god knows why, I'll try again if I decide to have another session later tonight.

      Also sorry for posting two in one thread - I simply didn't want to make two threads with unconverted hands... I'll stick to that for all coming hands!