Februari iron man/Rakerace

    • variancekiller
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      Ok so I have two questions:


      1. Is it true that the amount of strategypoints devided by 2 is the amount of rake you have payed? Wich means standing in the top 60 or so with 10k points (at present time) you need to have raked 5k$?

      Iron man Februari:

      2. Februari only has 28 days this year. Do the amount of days to achieve a certain status be changed during this month since it will be significantly harder to achieve?

      Thanks in advance,
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    • OZSA
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      1. on FT its true, on other sites you might more PS / 1$ rake.
      2. as i remember iron man doesnt change, but u better write a mail to FT about this, im not 100% sure.