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5CD evaluations!

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    • napalm77
      Joined: 18.09.2008 Posts: 2,749
      5 card draw- hand AA99x- in my opinion 3bet (reraise) your hand predraw. in this limit i find many weak fishes. they play 5cd for fun, they like to play trash hands on early position two low pairs like e.g. 8833x because they think that after draw they hit monster hand or they will play good bluff game...

      Hi Jonny! I'm poker fan from Poland. I like sometimes play draw poker, especially 2-7 NL SD and sometimes 5 card draw and other rare variant of poker like 5 card stud, 7 card stud, omaha and of course holdem. before "holdem explosion" on the world in my country people play only 5 card draw for many years. deck 52 card or 5 card draw form 7 to ace (deck 32 cards) <- no blinds variant, all players post ante and player open raise standart 3*antes. min. to open is JJ+ or QQ+, if you haven't not open you must fold. in predraw and post draw players may raise/raraise "in dark" and then raise/reraise "brighten" when they look at own cards. in this game was "western rules". if you haven't enough money in your stack to call/ reraise your villians you lose even with better hands e.g. full house vs trips. you can borrow the money for other villains at the tabele or you can organize money for your family/friends in limit of time (like in old film " big hand for little lady"). there was many cheaters in live 5 cd games. in this variant of 5 cd you can play boss media network but with blinds. rank of hands high card, one pair,two pairs, straight!, trips!, full house!, flush!, straight flush. in boss media rank is like 5cd 52 cards deck only one diffrent in rank: full house, flush
      i recomended you polish movie about gambling, chaeting and poker in coumunism time
      big shar - wielki szu, you must search on internet english subtitle
      time a

      I like play live mix game 5card draw / 2-7 nl sd
      my thread in polish forum. you find theere links to english http://www.
      starting hand

      do you register in forumtwoplustwo? there is many topics of draw poker

      i prefer cash games but i try organize tournament but 2nd tournament was last because too little people wanted play
      Private draw poker tournament