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    • ourfella
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      I just recently started playing online poker again after finding out about this site.

      Before reading the articles and watching the videos on here I used to place in about 1 out of every 4~5 SnG games that I played on Full Tilt at best.

      I was playing any to face cards and not understanding how much of a difference it makes to know when to push or fold and the importance of staying tight at the beginning of a SnG tournament.

      Now im placing in roughly 1/2 games and in the past 5 days ive went from $50 ( btw thank you ) to $150 by playing 6 tables at once and winning 4 Thirty man SnG's and placing second in 1 hundred man SnG $1

      Now I want to see my progress and improve if possible by using software

      Im playing on William Hill at the moment and im hoping to eventually hit the $200+ mark before my 30 day 'loan' expires. Then I will move to pokerstars and ascend the ranks to greatness (hopefully :D )

      For now I need something to analyze my hands at William Hill which are all in xml format... Can anyone recommend a free program to do this?

      Also, I am planning on getting holdem manager and table ninja for when I move to

      Until then can anyone recommend any useful (preferably free) software that I should get? And what it does?

      Thanks in Advance
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    • HannesZ
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      Hi ourfella,

      First of all welcome to!

      Most tracking programs have a free trial. So you can test the software for a few days and after that you have the option to buy it.

      Have you seen already the Elephant?
      Analyse your poker game with the Elephant

      The software is free and if you have 1000 StrategyPoints you can get the full version. The program is very easy to understand and designed for beginners.

      Do you already have an account on PokerStars? If not, don't forget to create your account through us, so that you can earn StrategyPoints as well :)
      PokerStars - 100% up to $600 Bonus

      Best regards,
    • JDOG420
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      If someone could recommend a program that actually works and has some sort of support team to answer questions, that would be awesome.

      It's called Elephant for a reason!!!!!!!
    • HannesZ
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      I don't really now what you mean, because we have a support forum for the Elephant.

      If you have problems with the elephant, the first thing you should do is to update to the newest version, which is this one.

      If you still have problems, please open a thread in our Elephant forum and our developers will help you.

      Best regards,