Rush poker

    • antstruk
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      Let's say your playing an average of 4bb/100 hands. Would it be more profitable to play one rush full ring or say 5 regular full ring tables, which would bring the best hourly win rate. Also what would be the biggest diffrence in rush strategy vs fr strategy. I play mid stack
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    • HannesZ
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      Hi antstruk,

      Both games have pros and cons.

      Rush Poker
      - Game starts instantly, just open the table and it begins
      - Tables are tougher
      - no table selection is possible
      - 1 Rush poker table is about 5 normal tables
      - difficult to get reads as your opponents change every time

      Normal tables
      - tables are softer
      - table selection possible
      - you have to wait for the big blind
      - you need to play more tables in order to get the same amount of hands compared to rush
      - easier to get reads as you play every hand with the same opponents

      So in the end you need to decide what you want to play.

      The game strategy also changes a little bit, as the standard opponent is different.
      Games are tighter => you are more aggressive
      Games are softer => you can tight up

      I hope this helps you and all the best on Full Tilt Poker.