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People = Poker Bots ?

    • StyleAni
      Joined: 20.11.2010 Posts: 104
      Hello! Yesterday I was trying to increase my number of tables and when I finished my session I happened to talk to my father. He found me speaking very fast and nervously. I didn't notice is before he told me that and I argued that this is not about poker or anything cuz I am playing with BRM and not taking shots at higher limits - just grinding. And after that I got some thoughts from him ( consider him an old school man, not attracted to sick grinding, just playing for fun, at home or 1 table online). So he told me whats the point of playing so many tables? You're getting nervous and ruining your brain + you are not thinking at all when taking the decisions, a bot could have the same success as you. Then of course I was like no way lol, higher volume is played to overcome variance, because okay, you play 1 table and you get all your reads right and then when it comes to shipping your aces, you do it but some fish suckouts badly on you and what would you do? His answer was "You join another one, and I really don't see the point of playing 30tables at a time in order to have volume because you neither learn anything, you're acting like a bot that just follows some written rules and never adjusts, nor even if you want, you can think over your decisions when taking them, because you have less than 10sec to take them. And I would advise you to start playing 6-8 tables MAXIMUM even 8 is alot and try to think over the decisions and you will notice how you will take your game to the next level, you won't ruin your nerves and your winning will increase."
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    • MatejM47
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 1,193
      I think that playing with table ninja and HM you can easily play around 12 tables with out problems, and you have more then 10 seconds to make your decisions even if you do timeout sometimes where you have a lot of tough decisions at the same time.

      And you don't grind 20 tables to improve your poker skills, you do it on a limit that you can easily beat so you get a higher hourly. Playing 1 tables is 10 times less volume then playing 10 tables. Everyone has to decide for themselfs how many tables is ideal for them to get max hourly EV.

      And you can still increse your poker skills by taking time to do a session review. You can also add notes on the regs after the session so you don't waste time writing them down while playing.
    • MathhNes
      Joined: 24.08.2009 Posts: 953
      Not like 6-8 tables and 10 tables is a big difference volume wise. I can only agree with your father tbh :f_eek:
    • Wriggers
      Joined: 21.07.2009 Posts: 3,250
      He's got a point, the problem arises when people start playing too many tables for them to improve their game and they just go on autopilot, playing complete ABC poker with no adjustments or thinking. Finding that number of tables where you increase your volume but still are able to adjust and keep track of what is going on at each table is key.

      9 tables does it for me :)
    • phantommm92
      Joined: 14.05.2010 Posts: 1,464
      imo you should ussully you should play like 4 tables, adjusting etc, but when there isnt a lot of adjusting(micros) then the volume comes into play.i'd say that everybody could have a higher roi playing 4 tables or so, but thats not $/h, which gets bigger :)

      and afterwards, its what you play it for, if you play it for money, then why not autopilot like a robot if its more proffitable?