blind structure question

    • benderless
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      hi,question about fixed limit blind structure

      some games have the blind structure like 0.1-0.25, 1-3, 2-5

      so how can we adjust to these game?

      do we need to tight up a little from SB?or is there anything we can do to adjust to this kind of structure?or we just play the same way of the normal structure?
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    • pzhon
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      A smaller small blind means you should tighten up from all positions, but particularly from the small blind. You not only get less of a discount to complete or to call a raise, you should put your opponents on tighter ranges for attacking the blinds.

      A larger small blind means you should loosen up. With blinds of $2 and $3, for example, you should complete or raise with almost any hand if no one has raised unless you have a read that the big blind raises often. Since the reward of stealing the blinds is greater, you should raise more often, and give less respect to blind steals and defenses. This is similar to the situation when someone posts a big blind in the CO or earlier.