[NL20-NL50] [SH] NL30 Set facing a possible flush

    • fuzzyfish
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      My questions concern turn and river play. I hit my set on the turn, unfortunately now there's three spades on the board. Of course that doesn't mean that my opponent has a flush, therefore I decide to bet for protection (in case he has one spade). He calls.

      The river doesn't bring a spade, but a straight draw completes as well. I feel like my hand is too strong to check/fold, but how much can I call here? Here opponent bets only about third of the pot but how much would be reasonable (if any)?


      OnGame - $0.30 NL (5 max) - Holdem - 5 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

      SB: $27.13
      BB: $30.00
      UTG: $26.46
      Hero (CO): $29.85
      BTN: $41.99

      SB posts SB $0.15, BB posts BB $0.30

      Pre Flop: ($0.45) Hero has J:heart: J:diamond:

      UTG calls $0.30, Hero raises to $1.35, BTN calls $1.35, fold, fold, UTG calls $1.05

      Flop: ($4.50, 3 players) 4:spade: 9:spade: K:club:
      UTG checks, Hero bets $3.45, BTN calls $3.45, fold

      Turn: ($11.40, 2 players) J:spade:
      Hero bets $8.55, BTN calls $8.55

      River: ($28.50, 2 players) T:club:
      Hero checks, BTN bets $10.30, Hero calls $10.30

      BTN shows 7:spade: K:spade: (Flush, King High) (PreFlop 100%, Flop 100%, Turn 100%)
      BTN wins $47.60
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    • TetraQuark
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      There is just to many hand combos that has u crushed on river and in this case u can look on ur set like a weak mid pair if it helps u. The problem with his river bet is, that if he wants to bluff u off ur hand he will push to get the max fold eq. His river bet is so weak in revealing its valuish intentions it makes no sense to call except if u have a read he bluff barrels river 1/3 of potsize. Yeah u get 4:1 on a call but still I am folding...
    • fuzzyfish
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      Yeah, lately I've noticed that due to the action constantly going on in th 5-max tables I tend to call down very often. Too often, actually.

      Ok, but lets say a straight draw didn't complete... How much could I call here? All opinions welcome... Also about the turn. Is aggressive play right here?
    • Kaitz20
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      If you´re betting turn you have to b/c, since you have put in 45% of your stack with quite strong hand.
      Pot is very large and you have around 17$ left. Worse hands would likely not call your river shove, so c/f if he puts you all-in might be fine. If he bets that small I think you have to call, since he can valuebet there worse two pair hands, since very likely you´re shoving river with straights and flushes
    • MatejM47
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      Personally i don't think his betting 2pairs on that river for value. And there really aren't that many 2 pair combos in his range that can get to the river anyway, especially since 3 J's are out. Most players will be more then happy to see a showdown for free in this spot.

      And on the river your really don't beat anything he's calling 2 streets there with. I think flushes are a big part of his range, KQ now has you beat, AQ with a :spade: got there so i think its a fold even if he does make such a small bet to suck you in. So even if he was floating on the turn he now has you beat.

      I would probably call a shove if the river was a blank tho, but it also depends a bit on how aggro and bluff happy the opponent is. I doubt many people on micros turn 2 pair or TPGK type of hands into a bluff in those spots enough of the time to make those calldowns profitable.