Unibet - Bonus & bonus code & Rakeback

    • m0fownz0r
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      I was wandering if someone can tell me what are the current conditions concerning Unibet if I register through Pokerstrategy.com.
      -Is there a Deposit Bonus
      -Does this 30% Loyality Bonus equals rakeback or does it provide such in any shape or form?
      -Is there a minimum rake/month for your rakeback to be payed
      -What's the traffic, more importantly around 16pm-20pm CET
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    • HannesZ
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      Hi m0fownz0r,

      Rakeback on Unibet is called Loyalty Bonus. There is no difference at all. You will get it usually at the beginning of the following month. Unibet uses like Full Tilt Poker the weighted contributed rake method. So Holdem Manager or PokerTracker will show you different figures.

      There is no minimum rake amount on Unibet.

      At the moment we do not have a first deposit bonus for Unibet.

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