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      Hello guys, my name is Andy and i have almost 2 years experience in online poker.I made an account on pokerstrategy and also on pokerstars 3 months ago.When i made an account on pokerstars i start to play and experience all games DON's,SNG's, MTT's and i tryed to find out wich one is good for me wich is profitable for me.I also experienced some tactics wich i read on articles and also saw at live coaching.IF you will look at my graphs now i know it looks bad a bit but it will change that soon.
      I started this thread to propose u a deal, atm im kinda broke all my bankroll went down because my intention was not to win in these 1st 3 months on pokerstars(maybe someone will laugh about this but it's true),the intention was to build up a solid game to practice all things that i read and saw on coaching.
      I want to start from a low limit wich is 0.55$,i cant dare to ask for a bigger one atm cus my graphs dont help me at all.
      So, My propose look like this:
      - I want to complete a block of 400 games at SNg 45 man 0.55$ buy-in.
      - I need 50 BI to get started wich include's the fee this means 27.5$
      - I offer 65% from winnings to Staker including the 50BI back and i get 35%.
      - The block will be finished in 7-8 days max,of course i will posts all stats at the end of each day on how things working.
      My name on PS is : Andytzu24
      So if things will work good then maybe we will go up in limit.What i can be sure is that i will not have a nice profit at least u will have your money back 100%.But im confident that profit will be good and all sides will be happy.
      So if someone wanna give me a chance(I hope so) i w8 for your messages so we can discuss.

      PS:Soryy for my long post ;)
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