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Downswings in 1$ sng on ftp

    • ionasnorbert
      Joined: 15.11.2010 Posts: 407
      Hello this is my very first post, too bad its a losing thread, i have learned from pokerstrategy for about 1-2 months so i was very confident about my poker skills, it started pretty good was up a few dollars, but i started making some mistakes, reevaluated my play, noticed i was a bit loose in the push/fold.
      But now i have hit a very bad run, getting my money in good in push/fold mode but every time for the past 20 or so sit n goes fish suck out on me so so bad. Its very very frustrating, i wonder when will it get better, i;m down a few dollars.
      I don't really want to whine i just want to know what other experienced players do when they hit a rough patch. Should i take a break? play more? i usually play 3 tables. Should i play more tables? i know i get my chips in good. What should i do?
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    • martoman2k10
      Joined: 27.08.2010 Posts: 669
      Hey, dont get too discouraged because of the loss of money. Sometimes you're doing everything right(or at least most of the time) and things just dont go your way.

      A couple of suggestions - would the $2.25 sngs be too much out of your bankroll? The rake there's a lot better when starting out.

      Like wasy8 just told me - be "thankful" you're experiencing downswings as they show you something's not right and force you to look over your game.

      3 days ago, I was on a sick upswing at the 1.20s on ipoker - 40 games later I haven't won a single SnG and my confidence is slowly draining away. I feel this'll be a good lesson that you can't just expect to win just because you've been on a good run lately

      When increasing the number of tables, do it gradually. Do you play turbos or regular speed? I'm 10 tabling FR sngs, obviously would be a smaller number of tables for turbos.

      I'd recommend going over your games - posting hands where you feel 50/50 about a decision. Even some where you feel confident - just to make sure you're making the optimal plays :)
    • YourDoom
      Joined: 21.08.2010 Posts: 878
      Check if your game is ok and take a break hour or day depending on how severe downswing is (this is also lot individual and You will desensitize as You will be experiencing downswing - eg. for first time You may get mad if you lose with aces, while 3 months later You will absolutely not care about 10 BI swings)

      About number of tables - do not add new, just make sure You are comfortable with current amount (also individual thing) and possibly decrease to amount where You are able to play your A game
    • ionasnorbert
      Joined: 15.11.2010 Posts: 407
      Well i really can't say its too much of a downswing i started with the 50$ from pokerstrategy in the first couple of days i made a bit over 60 and now i'm down a couple of dollars, i try not to look at the money too much because i know these things happen. I play 2 tabels with no difficulty and sometimes 3, i can focus at 3 pretty good.
      I thought about moving up to the 2$ sit n gos but like they say, when you are loosing moving up a limit is usually a bad decision.
      I look at every move i make with sit n go wizard, thats how i knew i was loose when i started.
      This downswing is mostly about variance i think. I missed a lot with AK AQ,my push/fold game is pretty good, but i got sucked out a lot. AQ vs K6, AK vs small pocket pairs, and my pocket pairs didn't hold agains AK AQ stuff like that.
      Flop top pair top kicker some fish hits 2 pair with A x.
      Thats what made it really frustrating, i think i'll take a little break, and like you said, analyze my game, post some hands, watch a few more sit n go vids etc.
      I play the 1+0.20$ Turbo Sit n goes Full ring how many tables should i play? does it matter that much? i can play 3 quite comfortable.
    • sirilidion
      Joined: 15.04.2008 Posts: 1,656
      I wouldn't play to many tables when you still need to get comfortable with you're game.

      When you are pretty sure you are doing great add a table or 2 and see if you can still feel comfortable. You will feel comfortable playing those more tables and you can then add some more. Till eventually you don't feel like adding more tables would make you more $/hour then keep that number of tables :)
    • Jim4rdo
      Joined: 03.10.2010 Posts: 1,252
      Hey man,

      Just to chip in about the tables.

      I've noticed when i play only 1, I focus on the game so much better, and I can realise my mistakes to a point without needing a program to tell me.

      Until you feel comfortable drop a table or two. When you've got more, even if you don't realise, you don't concentrate half as much, such as picking up on small betting patterns in the games. And seeing as you're using the starting capital of 50, i'm guessing you're kind of new? So definitely not a great idea to to lots of tables until you're confident with your game. Especially as you're saying about playing loose and all, it sounds like you're not even sure whether you like to play aggressive or tight to start with. I'd find a style you like playing with just 1 or 2 tables, then go from there.

      Just my 2 cents, hope you don't mind.
    • Jan217
      Joined: 02.01.2009 Posts: 626
      The thing is, I think the rake really kills you at this buyin level, I mean you pay a buyin in rake every five games, so you need to at least be winning that every five games to break even. This would be the main reason to move to the 2.25s where the percentage rake is much less. Im sure it is still possible to win at the 1.20s, but you might find you have a higher roi at the 2.25s, as long as your BR can handle it. First make sure you think your game is ready though ofc. :)