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Poker Math

    • SaynotoKlaus
      Joined: 15.12.2010 Posts: 108
      Is mathematics in poker all that important? I know it helps you to know the odds , but i'm really bad at math , and i can't just take a pen and paper each time my turn comes and start calculating...
      Isn't there a shortcut or a easy way to calculate pot odds and all that stuff?
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    • ladman
      Joined: 13.04.2009 Posts: 289
      There is plenty of maths involved in the game but you can become a good player with very limited maths knowledge
    • theguy
      Joined: 16.07.2009 Posts: 215
      Come on man... pot odds aren't that hard to calculate :) maybe you just need to get more familiar with the calculating system. I think that mathematics are more important in internet poker than in live poker because you don't gain as much information about your opponents as you can in a live game. Especially if your multitabling. Anyway it is important if you want to become better and win more.
    • NightFrostaSS
      Joined: 25.10.2008 Posts: 5,255
      math is idiotic
    • NeilSimpson
      Joined: 14.06.2010 Posts: 123
      I have a quick question if someone could help me out. i have only recently started to calculate pot odds etc while im playing.....previously i just took a rough sort of guess e.g if i had a flush draw on the turn and Villian bet like half pot or less id call and anything bigger id fold. im using the rule of 4 and 2 at the moment (number of outs x4 with 2 cards to come, number of outs x2 with one card to come). its easy to calculate the odss on the turn, its the flop im having problems with.....if Villain is all- in for example on the flop its ok because u just have a simple calculation and you know ul see both turn and river.....but if both playters are deep stacked and your just facing a flop bet im not sure what to do. do you still calculate it as 4x number of outs? i.e do you still calculate the pot odds assumign you will see both turn and river?

      a practical example would be.......

      theres been a raise pre flop to $3 and i call with a9s

      the pot is now $7.50 with just Hero and Villain.

      flop comes 2d 6d js

      villain leads out and for argument sake i give him JJ for a set so need to make my flush to win, so im drawing to 9 outs. with the pot at $7.50 what is the maximum size of bet i should be calling? im talking simply expressed pot odds here and not considering implied odds.
      Similar question for the turn!

      any help would be much apreciated!thanks
    • noclaninator
      Joined: 01.12.2008 Posts: 312
      To simplify this lets say he has JJ with J of diamonds. There are 8 diamond in the deck out of 45 cards. 8/45 = about 18%. On expressed pot odds alone you could not call more than about $1.60.
    • GraemeDR
      Joined: 19.01.2011 Posts: 156
      A simple form of pots odds is to take the amount of outs you have, times it by the amount of community cards still to be dealt, and add one.

      The result is roughly the percentage you have of hitting your hand.

      This is very basic maths, but reliable for calculating pot odds.

      eg, you have two hearts in your hole, 2 hearts come down on the flop. There are 9 hearts left, and a turn card and a river card still to be dealt. So 9 times 2 is 18, plus one is 19. That's 19% chance of hitting your flush, or roughly one in five times. really simple maths.