LF Psichologist/psichiatrist- Low self esteem

    • THESHade
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      I ahve a low self esteem and I categorize myself as LED. What can I do to improve it? I dont have problem w confidence though but self-esteem is more important and its crucial

      Any advise?
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    • supeyrio
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      for real? go hump a wall :f_grin:
    • THESHade
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      Originally posted by supeyrio
      for real? go hump a wall :f_grin:
      I have smth on every wall, I feel like an asian dude in his "workplace" w/o windows or space (no offense :D )
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi THESHade,

      Forgive me, I'm no expert and I must admit I'm not too sure of the difference between self-esteem and confidence. I'm assuming you are confident when playing poker, but have doubts about yourself and your own attributes or abilities? Please feel free to correct me on any point.

      When suffering from depression in the past, I was taught to deflect the mind from the negative thoughts that kept appearing and instead to focus on the many positives.
      Whilst easier said than done, I found that it helped printing out loads of photos of happier times, nice locations visited, people I'd met etc. Even a swimming certificiate from school (I was late learning to swim as really struggled with it, but eventually overcame it).
      I'd then have the photos in my pocket, on the walls (better to post a pic on it than hump it imo, but each to their own supeyrio :) ), next to my pc screen etc. They used to make me smile whenever I looked at them and I'm guessing they helped me to overcome my problems eventually along with proper clinical help of course.

      Not entirely sure if this would be helpful to you, but might be worth a try to keep thinking of the positives, the things you've achieved, the many friends you've made including in here obviously etc.

      Obviously also make sure that your doctor is aware and gives you as much help as is available. It's important to have things monitored by someone outside as you don't always notice changes in yourself from day to day.

      Keep the faith my friend, we're all here for you ;)

    • THESHade
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      Hey Bart,
      thnx for ur response , I ll try it.

      About slef-esteem adn confidence... its actually pretty complicated , ego is aprt of this vicious triangle as well. I am no expert either so I am not the right person that should try to explain it

      Heres my problem that I can think off, maybe I am totally off but whatever
      social skillz (esp w women I like). Actually, thats prob all I ahve problem with .... but its the crucial factor ... I mean, I believe I can do anything. I am not strong or anything but I believe I can easilly attain a good stregth if I want (and when I ll have time) or I have a high IQ or logic and wisdom so even complex stuff dont make any problems to me (Well, at least thats my assumption cause I can see how big problems someone has w for me easy tasks at my school and my school is one of the best schools, if not the best, in my country) So yea, social skillz and I cant seem to find a core of it. Crap liek think to urself that u are super-awesome wont work for me cause I can detect a lie pretty easilly Only workin on it would help but I have no idea how/where/when to start etc.

      BTW Even if u dont read the part where I admit my leak but jsut the part below it u can easilly "read me" as a person w low self-esteem
    • NightFrostaSS
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      If you can't fool yourself into thinking that you are awesome, time to become one!

      Stay fresh to death!
    • SneakyhanD
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      Hello, I read your post and I understand you. It's hard to deal with such things, with such thoughts and feelings that make you feel you are not good enough for certain thing.

      You said you believe you can do anything, do you mean that - it feels like it but you can't get it to practice ?

      Is there a particular thing you're having these issues about ? ( Women?)
      Is it related to poker mainly, or you think it's just part of your personality ?

      * I'm not a professional, but I can suggest you some directions which you can choose to consider, or not.

      You really didn't give a detailed information, but I will say this ;
      If it is an annoyance in your personal life, and you just can't figure a way out of it, or how to overcome it, I strongly suggest you to see an expert, a specialist\therapist, there are specialists who work at this specific subject.

      And just some day life stuff you may try out to increase your self-esteem ;
      Gym, sports - really, it works, it has been proofed !
      Try not falling too deep in particular thoughts that makes u feel that way, instead, try distract yourself with a conversation with a friend or something.
      Be around your friends more, try to socialize - doesn't have to be women only, just socialize with new people and stuff .

      Anyway, I hope I didn't go too off of your problem, and I hope I helped,

      Be well.