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      Hey guys, a little introduction to begin with.

      My name's Alex and I'm a student (on break from studying :p) living in New Zealand, and I joined up with pokerstrategy in mid october 2007. I previously played games like WC3 and I've dabbled in chess, but far from Classical level definitely :D

      I started out with the 50$ capital from PS and for some reason began on .05/.10 FIXED LIMIT (IE. NOT NO LIMIT) tables. I lost money slowly but surely over the course of about 5k hands till I reached 35$, then I got pissed off at the crappy low stakes and switched to .10/.20 and within a few days i was up to 65$! I think there are more fish on the .10/.20 or something cause I've stuck with that ever since and have been slowly building up my BR and im now at about 100$ after about 23k hands now (as of today, I switched to .15/.30 yesterday when I hit 90$).

      So yeah, I'm pretty confident about my play but I sometimes still limp in with Q9o in the small blind and limp with lowish pocket pairs UTG when I know I shouldn't ;P

      I'm trying to comment some posted hands in that forum before the judges get there and see how my course of action compares =) Other than that I'm pretty slack and haven't got around to posting any of my own hands ;S

      My goals atm are just to climb the limits as quickly as I can according to PS BRM and sorta reach 3/6$ - 5/10$ level where you can start making some serious money ;D

      One thing I'd like to see more of are silver level FL videos as those two from stoxtrader are quite interesting =P (random sidenote to PS staff)

      I'll update this post at later dates to reflect further progress like limit increases.

      UPDATE 1: 30/12/2007

      I cleared the 100$ bonus FINALLY.

      Hey guys, lately Ive dabbled in SnGs (baaaad idea) and NL10 SSS in addition to moving up to the .25/.50 FL level where I've had mixed success.

      I had a huge upswing (as you can see in the graph) where I won several limit tournaments in a row then after that a huge downswing where I lost several tournaments in a row, in addition to having a -10bb/hr winrate in the new .25/.50 limit.

      So yeah my bankroll is sitting on about 220$ at the moment which I'm quite happy with, and I managed to bring up my .25/.50 winrate to ~1bb/hr after a huge bad luck streak.

      UPDATE January 3rd 2008

      Happy new year to pokerstrategy players, best of luck to you!!

      Fixed graph below so it doesn't reflect anyone elses only mine!

      I've posted my checkyourbets Charts below and above is the latest winnings graph as of today (I started entering data when I was up to 67$ from my original 50.

      I also have tried heads up with much success at the moment although partypoker rake is INSANE (5+1$). My Winrate in .25/.50 is up to a good 2.5 after many hours and hands which I'm pleased with.

      When my BR hits 350 I'll switch to .50/1.00 if I'm feeling confident. Also thinking about putting some money onto pokerstars (heads up = 6+.25, so much much better return assuming similar skill in opponents).

      Good luck at the tables everyone!
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