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      Hello guys, my name is Gints and im from Latvia.I have 2 years experience in online poker. When i made
      an account on pokerstars i started to play and had some experience at 1,75$ 18 mans turbo and some mtts, and i tried to
      find out which ones are better for me - that are profitable for me.
      My best results at mtts:
      10th place at 3,3$+r 50$k gtd
      7th place at 2,75$ 12,5$k gtd
      and ofcourse lots of top 100 at mtts
      About last 4 months, i started playing 2,2$ 180-man turbos. Where i can put good volume and make good profit and also i like playing mtts.
      So, My application looks like this:
      - grinding 2,2$ 180-man turbos (about 1 000 sngs/month)
      - and play some mtts 2$-5$
      - and i need 100 BI to get started

      My screen name at PS : hyundai11

      PS (Sharkscope)

      So if someone wanna give me a chance(I hope so) i'm w8ing for your messages so we can discuss the deal
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