Big Blind

    • bullers1982
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      Hi all, new to this as you will probably tell from the thread.

      I have just started playing Texas Holdem NL. I am trying to keep to the Short Stack Strategy. I don't know if I missed it but what do you bet if you are the big blind, do you keep to the starting hand guide and just check/fold if no one bets before you and fold if someone does?
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    • HannesZ
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      Hi bullers1982,

      According to our starting hand chart for the short stack strategy you play in the big blind the same hands as in late position.

      So lets have a look at the chart:

      If no one has raised before you, you raise when you are in late position/blinds and have 77 - AA and AT, AJ, AQ, AK, KQ

      So ie. you have KQ and two limpers then you will raise to 6 big blinds.

      Do you have further questions? Please do not hesitate to ask.

      Best regards,