[NL2-NL10] NL$10, SSS, QQ in late position

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      As i have problems with posting hands from FTP through Texas Grabem...i can not find history folder :) i will just writte down one hand i played today and i would like your comments, result i will post later after your evaluation.All the actions was in pre-flop:

      NL$10, FTP, SSS, beginning session

      UTG1 BS(10$) raised from MTG-3BB all others fold and me SS(2,10$) was in late position with "QQ". I reraised him 3times (pot was 1,35$), all others fold, and he again reraised me to 1,5 (pot was 1,95$). I went all-in...

      Was it correct play to push as my equity was pretty strong on the flop or i should fold after his second raise?

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