bank roll management question

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      ive got maybe a bankroll management question,

      ok, is there any BRM rules for playing a certain amount of tables, for buy in rules etc. suppose i have $50 witch BRM allows me to play 1c/2c if i play 12 tables and buy in $2 and all tables that is basicaly 50% of my bankroll on tables at one time.

      now hypoteticaly suppose my opponent hits a 2% runner runner on me on one table and i tilt, if i tilt then i could potentialy lose a few stacks witch would crush the bankroll.

      i'm asking because ive only recently started playing a larger amount of tables.

      ( please dont give me a stupid comment like " oh you shouldn't tilt" this is just hypotetical if it did happen because it could simply just lose my stacks from bad play or luck or what ever )
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