Hello ps.com im new here :)

i will start bloging,cause i think that will help to learn faster,go higher,grind more.

for start i was playing nl2,16tabling,that was awful,those degenaretes just can't let go theire gutshots and draw them till river,where they catch it.

here is graph of my 2days play.

then i wrote to william hill support,if they can remove block from husng,and thank to god they did it,today started playing 1$ husng's,it was awful too :D they rivered me for about 15-20times,but it's ok,i don't tilt :)

this is todays graph of totaly 111games played :)

now i will play only 1$ husng's and will got staked tommorow for 2$ 4-man :) gl to me.