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    • Philipvw
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      Yesterday I stranded as runner up in a satelliete. 45 players started. I had a comfotable chiplead during the whole tournament and ended up in headsup play with a 100k to 35k chiplead.
      Blinds were 500-1000 750-1500 and 1k-2k during the 45 minutes of headsup play. My opponent was extremely weak. He never raised preflop and only betted when he had something.
      However I lost to him. I raised about 40% of the pots preflop and almost always took it down immediately. If that didn't succeed than a cbet almost always did the job. The rest of the time he gave me free flops.

      First time I lost my lead was when we both ended up with a flush. However, I managed to go back to a 100k-35k lead when he just let me steal all the pots. Then again I doubled him when we both had 2pair.

      When we were about even he started hitting the board. I folded a few toppairs because it was so easy to know when he had something. I'm pretty sure he wasn't changing his style because of my play.

      He knocked me out when i had trips and he flopped the set...

      In general, I was still pretty pleased with my play but a bit unlucky in the times where we both hit the board big time. Thoses times were also the only one when we built a real pot. However, are there good suggestions to play against such a type of opponent?
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    • chenny8888
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      bet wide and call very very few.

      tight/weak is my favourite type of opponent to play against. you just have to remember that hands like TPTK, while normally considered a real monster in HU, may not be good enough if your villain is raising preflop and betting post.