stats does not match opponent

    • memphis21
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      Hello guys . I am playing at PokerStars nl fullring.Acording to the help/check for updates I have the latest elephant version .
      I have the stats on all players at the table but if i change my place at the table using the pokerstars option "sit here" the stats of the opponents remain in the old order so now they don't match. Can this be solved?
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    • breena
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      Its usually best to keep the same seat. I think you have to choose where you sit in all these HUDs, somewhere in the options menu. Just make sure you have the same seat set on your HUD and your Poker site. Should do it :f_cool:
    • Larres
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      Hi memphis21,

      you just have to "set your own position" using the HUD's options menu. And beware that the option "use action for all tables" there is switched off.