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Donkey Tales

    • Depor07
      Joined: 15.06.2010 Posts: 28
      Hey all Im embarking on a challenge for 2011 and I thought I might write a blog about it. My aim this year is to earn $20,000 by Jan 30 2012 from online only games.
      The reason its called Donkey Tales is because Im a bit of a donkey online, I made, after a 18 month lay off from poker brought on by live results being down $578- over the preceding 18 months I quit poker for awhile. It was the worst decision of my life (well a bit extreme but you know).
      I play online to improve my general poker play, I rely way to much on reading players and feel in live games. I think that online play improves analysis and enhances the logical side of the game. I need to develop both of these and this is part of my process.
      In my comeback last year I made $300- playing SNGs and MTTs online, but played nearly 1000 hrs so at 30c an hour its nothing to write home about.
      I will comment on both online and live results, give a few of my own takes on things and hopefully might have something useful to say.
      So Im up $267 in live games this year after 27.25hrs, for an hourly rate of $9.80 an hour. (Small Tourneys $10, $20 ect and 25c 50c/ 50c $1- cash games mixed about 50/50).
      Down $25- for the year at Stars and just moved to Full Tilt to get the bonus' from Deposited $100- today so lets see how I go.
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    • Depor07
      Joined: 15.06.2010 Posts: 28
      Okay so the plan and orientation session.
      So I jumped on Full Tilt sat down at a couple of NL5 6 Max tables and made 160 bb in an hour. A rediculous win rate, which brings up the main problem with the micros, Im arrogant. Yes I get in these games quickly pick up they are below my level, get arrogant think I can play anything and then after an hour Im down $3- after being up $2- fifteen minutes in.
      Arrogance I gather is the biggest disease in the poker community, well that and machismo. Im not immune.
      The second problem I realised is that all my theory is based on full ring games. As online full ring games are more boring than watching paint dry, Ill need to update my theory, so its off to the sweet session vids for me.
      Otherwise the software is ok, not fantastic, I prefer the personalised icons on Stars it allows instant recognition of players you have run into a few times.
      So a quick run through of the plan. 6 max NL. I move up when I have a large enough bankroll.
      100 NL5
      250 NL10
      750 NL25
      2000 NL 50
      5000 NL100
      10000 NL200
      20000 NL400
      Hopefully the bankrolls should be deep enough, if not Ill move back down a level until I improve enough. Ill let you know when I hit my glass ceiling Im guessing NL50 will be hard to get past, but even thats a long way to go.
      Anyway all the best in your poker playing.
      Ill try to write each week.
    • Depor07
      Joined: 15.06.2010 Posts: 28
      So it ended up a bit of a bummer, down $17- after 15hours play all up.
      So I dropped down to NL2 to work my way back to my starting BR of 100.
      Winning more sessions than losing even in NL5 but the losses are bigger than the wins, so its down to NL2.
      Found a big leak in playing small hands like top pair for big pots, so working on that in NL2 and seem to be overcoming it.
      On live play news, played four tournaments results as follows
      total is -$50 but won a $20- bar voucher for the fourth place.
      Putting in two hours a day of study and play varies average about an hour a day for the moment.
      Two more weeks and Im back to uni so Ill have more time to play so might report in a fortnights time.
      I must say just as an aside that Im loving the first deposit bonus on FullTilt through pokerstrategy, I have almost earnt my first $10- bonus in two weeks, in six months on Pokerstars I wasn't even close to clearing my first $10-.
      Rakeback and bonus' are as good as a fixing a major leak.
      My calcs for last year are as follows:

      Total Rake Paid -$1,200
      Total Wins $1500
      Profit after rake $300

      With Rake Back it looks like this
      Total rake paid -$1200
      Total Wins $1500
      Rake Back $324
      Profit after rake $624

      So with the rake back added to my account I will more than double my poker profit. For a just better than break even player like me the rake back on Pokerstrategy is awesome.

      Anyway hope the cards are turning for you.
      Till next time peace out.