when to walk away

    • diversfx
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      Just finished one of my most taxing sessions in sometime. Up down up down. DOWN down down. Now I;ll admit this was longer than i usually play at one time. First hr up 100%. Short break about 5 min. Hr 2 still ahead but down from first hr.Hr 3 crash and burn. ran in to trips twice in 4 hands.

      Some times just walk away.
      high up 250% of Buy In / Low busted

      decided over stayed my welcome.
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    • Hahaownedlolz
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      Well.. it's bad to stop playing after winning a certain amount or play scared (intentionally or not) after winning big. It's just not logical. It's the same with chasing losses..

      Basically you should keep playing as long as you are playing well and focused and as long as you think that table is profitable. So if a fish leaves and your left with regs it'd be smarter to look for another table.

      Ofcourse sometimes i feel like an idiot after being up a few buyins and then losing double that and feeling like i should have quit. But it's important to only keep playing when your doing well.. sometimes i find myself to keep playing when i'm up even though i'm getting tired and less focused so playing less well. it's better to take a break or stop playing in those cases..