Just Busted out of a Live Freeroll tourny called Brisbane Big Buck, a tournement for APL (Australian Poker league) final table all gets paid with 1st geting $1500 + a APL Poker Tour seat at Gold Coast Casino in june. 2nd gets $1000, 3rd gets $500 and money gets small after that. stacks start on 7k with a 7k add on, 20 min blinds that starts at 25/50 then increase to,


The structure is so tilting cause it just becomes a crapshoot, and even tho I doubled up first hand on ks vs js on 10high board i still got short stacked at 1/2 blinds. on 2/4k blinds i had 5 bbs and UTG shoved for 1 and a half bbs and I thought his range was realy wide so I looked at a K and re shoved BB woke up with 8s and called, UTG had ks so i was drawing to a 1 outer to double my stack.

I obv didnt suck out thats y I'm ranting about this poor structure which only lets luckboxs win, so hard to win these tournys... so sick I play so well the whole day and run bad for 2 levels and get KOed.... my nukels r a bit sore from punching walls.

Rant over...

only another another couple of hrs till the BLT a tournement with the worst structure ever hopefully I can Luckbox 18k... I got to Entries.