Sorry for not updating ,but I have been playing a lot and for the most part losing a lot. By the end of my second day I had dropped 17$ of my starting capital. This was mostly due to me being overly aggressive trying to bluff my opponents. Also I was overestimating my read on my opponents ,though I played quite tight with most of my hands. The next day I grinned back 11$ with a lucky streak ,but I would say I was overplaying most of my hands. After that day I was mostly going up or down a few dollars not quite having a consistently successful style up till near the end of this weak. I have been pretty consistent ,but I sometimes have a hard time folding pocket pairs. I am 4.50 back of breaking even and use of elephant has increased my confidence greatly in calling and folding. Forgot to add that I have moved to my maximum tables of 6 ,since I feel I get enough hands to where I am not bored nor overwhelmed ,while still being profitable.