says i have no points

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    • thunderbird56
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      Hi da12beat,

      That's normal. StrategyPoints are updated only once a week, as soon as we get the lists from pokerrooms.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • LurkerBelow
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      Ye seems that way.

      Week 1, PS transfer on monday
      Week 2, PS transfer on friday

      Ok thats more then a week...... but trust me, you get what you earn :D

      Its the same with TAF money, the $50 dollar starting capital, and points.

      But he!! we can't complain :) they do awesome work around here, look at all the requests and questions about, ZOMG were iz ma moneeeeh?!? They have their hands full on answering those questions.

      give them a break, you will get what you earn, but since they depend on the poker rooms to give them listings, so that is not in their hands.

      And besided, i believe there are some people from support sick and there have been technical problems. Correct me if im wrong.

      Oh just found this link