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Results shoot up when I'm paying less attention!

    • DeetM
      Joined: 12.01.2011 Posts: 41
      Hi All

      I'm playing at the micros so not talking big money here but since I started playing in October I've gradually lost buy-in after buy-in on the cash tables (one-tabling) but managing to claw a little back 4-tabling sit n gos.

      Over the last couple of months I've been checking out some Deuces Cracked vids and think is amazing, some great stuff for my level, really giving me more of an idea of playing after the flop especially. I thought I'd give my new found knowledge a go by braving the cash tables once again but this time jumping in the deep end (I know, not generally a good idea) and 4-tabling them.

      I'm now up nearly 10 buy-ins over the last 2 sessions. I know it's a very small sample of only a few hundred hands but I'm very pleased obviously but more than a little thinking - "was I over-thinkng things one-tabling?"

      Has anyone else found that multi-tabling frees them a lot from the emotional side of the game?

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    • Hahaownedlolz
      Joined: 24.04.2009 Posts: 1,755
      It can definetly help. particuarly if you get bored easily and start playing way too agressive. But if you can't play well one tabling then imo that's something you should work on.

      Can't really say much else.. sample is too little to say anything. i've ran over 400BB/100 one tabling SH cash games for a few hundred hands..
    • Targetme
      Joined: 04.05.2009 Posts: 1,888
      shiat I watched every episode of like 5 series like the office ,heros etc while 18 tablin the nuts fr when I first started one of my best months too