Continuation Betting in NL5

    • Depor07
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      Hey all Im just wondering about the value of continuation betting in NL5. It seems to me that these bets which are really bluffs after you miss your hand get called down a large percentage of the time. Firing the next barrel then adds to the danger and firing three is a large percentage of your stack.
      Id love to hear what peoples thoughts are on weather continuation betting is a good move in micro limits? It seems that there isnt a whole lot of fold equity.
      Maybe Im just being a winger but love to hear if Im maybe doing something wrong, pushing an early edge too far, getting loose then being called down alot say???
      Anyway love to hear about others experiences continuation betting in the micros.
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    • Hajler
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      Honestly I think c-betting is most profitable at NL5/10 where pretty much all of the regulars are playing fit or fold, so if you aren't making money here you are probably doing it wrong. If you are betting into calling stations you are not going to get a fold, so just don't do it. I recommend reading some of the COTW posts on 2+2 if you are having problems in this area.

      Also, you should pretty much never fire 2 barrels as a pure bluff on NL5. I would just C/F with air if my flop c-bet got called. This is obviously extremely exploitable, but for now you don't have to worry about things like that.

      Hope it helps.
    • blackaces82
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      i had the exact same thoughts playing NL2 and NL5. then i read some more articles about the subject of c-betting. as said there paying attention to board texture (can u represent something/ did a lot of villains possible hands hit something) and the capability of villain folding are the essential points. im playing now NL10 and in my experience c-betting and isolation play are very profitable on the micros. just pay close attention to ur opponents stats and the board texture and it will work out for you.
    • Depor07
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      Thanks heaps that really clarifies where Im going wrong. I can pick the calling stations so avoid c betting them live really quickly. I struggle to quickly do this online but a couple of hands and you get a good indication. Its pretty obvious when I think about it but thats a big leak in my game.
    • scscpoker
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      Imo minraising as a c-bet is very profitable too, I have found so much fold equity in micros... Most times there is also no need to balance it xD Just fire pure valuebets in case of monster hands.

      Is there someone with experiences about minraising as c-bet?