Just wanna be rich

    • BigAl123456
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      Realy need to get out of this mindset, and I am strugling. I am grinding the Micros Full Time, but over the last couple of weeks I havent got much volume in, because I keep geting draged off to bad structured Pub Poker tournments which are realy starting to tilt me.

      I played a NL5 session a couple of nights ago on Everest and lost just over 3BIs which I found distressing because the players on this site are just so bad.

      I keep thinking what it would be like not to be rich but what it would be like just to have money. I am tilted right now cause I just busted out of the Daily $1 on FT like I do most of the time, I only play it once a week on mondays and have only cashed twice in 12 attempts, I think I should be cashing more than that. I busted out on Qs on a K high board no draws I raised 6x BB PF because of 2 limper on 100/200 blinds first idiot I meen limper calls and he Ch raisers like 5k i think does he realy have a king or is he just blufing with 8s-js.... so i time like 35 secs and shove he snap call with k10o i meen i just get donked all the time in tournys... who calls a 6x bb raise with k10o such a joke.
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