Cbet NL2 as a bluff, with 12 or 8+ outs.

    • tryhardnoob
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      Hi I got some questions about Cbets as a bluff that I couldn't find clear answers to in the strategy section.

      :diamond: Do you Cbet with 12 clean outs against one LAG/LAP?

      :diamond: If you do, do you Cbet with 8+ clean outs aswell?

      :diamond: Do you Cbet with 12 clean outs against two TAG/TAP?

      :diamond: If you do, do you Cbet with 8 clean outs against two TAG/TAP?

      I would be happpy for any kind of helpful answers you don't have to answer everything. Also anything around the subject is cool. Like if you have 15+ outs or w/e.
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    • NightFrostaSS
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      Yes to all Q's above, you don't need that much outs to make a cbet in any of these cases
    • Duudalinja
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      Example: NL10
      Preflop raise 0.30$ + one caller 0.30$ + blinds 0.15$ = 0.75$

      Equity needed if:
      Cbet: 0.55$ = 0.55$/(0.75$+0.55$)=0.42=42%
      Cbet: 0.65$ = 0.65$/(0.75$+0.65$)=0.46=46%

      8 outs = approx. 8*4=32%
      12 outs = approx. 4*12=48%

      Rough calculations, but that gives insight that cbetting here is fine given your equity+possible FE. Against two guys and fewer outs you may be willing to check back, but still it depends.