MTT: Middle-Late Play

    • ManniXXX
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      Alright, I know there isn't an awful lot of articles on MTT so I thought I'd see if I can raise some discussion here.

      Basically I find my weakest part of the game is the middle-late phase of the tournament, coming upto but not quite at the bubble. It's about the time where the blind level to players remaning ratio is such that a fair majority of people are short stacked and are looking for a double up.

      In a SnG this is usually not a problem because it's usually 5 handed or less by this time and pushing or folding is pretty simple but I find myself pretty confused at how to really play in a fairly big MTT. (150+ players)

      Thoughts? I know I haven't been specific about any situations so for examples sake lets say we're average stacked and have 15-20 BB.

      How would/do you play? :)
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    • Philipvw
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      I would be relatively patient, but putting pressure on the stacks of about the same size and smaller (but not the ones desperate for a double up). I would only raise first in and attack weakness shown by players with a smaller stack.

      I think Harrington on Hold'em might be valuable for you, especially strategy about the M and the zones theory.