I NEED YOU! - Freeroll and Karma bonus inside -

    • Rothko
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      Hello English community!
      I'm Rothko, from the Italian community. :)

      Today, and throughout February, I NEED YOU!

      I participated in a video contest held by Hold'em Manager, regarding the add-on Leakbuster.

      The first is a rich prize and I would love to win it.

      The contest is based on votes. Who will have more votes on Feb. 28, will win.
      We are only 6 in the race, so it should not be difficult to win.
      I hope I can count on your support and that of other community PokerStrategy to win the first prize. :D

      Here are instructions for voting:
      1) Go to: http://leakbustervideocontest.strutta.com/entries/96572 and watch the video if you want. : D
      2) Click on "Vote for this entry" at the bottom of the video.
      3) Fill out the form on the right (requiring only a name, email address and password)
      4) Click on the confirmation link received by email
      5) Go to: http://leakbustervideocontest.strutta.com/entries/96572 and click again on "Vote for this entry"

      Done! :D

      You can vote once a day.
      To receive a fantastic karma bonus, please vote every time you see this thread. Harem insured and wealth in the next life! :D

      If I win, also will make a $ 150 freeroll for all those who voted for me. : D

      Thanks to all. :)
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