6 max NL 0.05/0.1 € (Ipoker) - 5 players

SB (fish) 2.37
BB (TAG) 10.19
MP 10.00
CO 10.00
BU (HERO) 10.31 - Kc Jc


MP OR to 3.5 BB, CO fold, HERO 3 bets to 12 BB, SB fold, BB call

Flop (3.65 €) Qs Qd 5d

BB, MP check, HERO bet 26 BB, BB call, CO fold

Turn (8.85 €) Qs Qd 5d Jh

BB check, HERO check

River (8.85 €) Qs Qd 5d Jh 5h

BB shove All in 65 BB, HERO fold ...

Preflop I decidet to 3-bet IP, MP player fold to 3 bet was 71%, my intention was to take the pot down right away and i still have c - bet. I got a caller from BB and he is a good winning regular, not sure what his range is here so i decided to fold on river ... First i put him on low pocket pairs didn't realy saw Q in his range but the play call flop one more player behind ... Anyway whats your oppinion