Coaching: No-Limit Shortstack [Advanced] with Galam

    • galam
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      Please post here any questions, feedback & suggestions related to my Coaching smile

      As an appreciation, I sometimes post here some hands I played during the coaching for further analysis.

      * Name of coaching:NL SSS Silver
      * Poker Room: PokerStars
      * Status: Silver
      * Time:SSS Silver Tuesday, 20:30 - 22:00

      Also Feedback on Videos and/or Hand Evaluations are welcome in this thread smile .

      The only rule I want to apply here is that anything should be constructed and wellthought.

      To guide you a bit for this I apply:
      The S-EX-I principle:
      * First you State something: I don't like your coachings Galam.

      * Second you EXplain it.

      * Last but not least you TRY to Illustrate it by giving me an example. This is a crucial thing as I can interpret things wrong (Written Communication is not really bulletproof).
      So: For example, yesterday's coaching Kingdippy was spamming all around and was on mikogo as well as I heard it. Since he doesn't play SSS at all, can you maybe kick him to give an eager student the opportunity to watch your screen ( and Emma Watson ) ?

      Mostly people will only State things and then press the ''Post Reply'' button on the Internet which I found very dissapointing.

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