PokerStars custom layout/cards?

    • intothejungle
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      Does anybody have custom layouts(meaning themes) or cards? The 4colored simplified deck of stars is just too unreadable. Mainly because the first card can only be seen in the corner, but also because the colors and shades are somewhat not contrasting enough.

      I've seen some videos where the table has instead of pokerstars/FullTilt, so I'm thinking pokerstartegy has some layouts but can't find them on the site.

      OK, so I found using Google this: layouts/Cards for FTP. Strange thing is, it is located in a strange place - address path says software, which make sense, but it is in the Strategy/Poker tools section. HOWEVER, if you try to navigate there from the home page following the links/tabs, it doesn't show up. Any of the mods working on the site care to fix that? And more importantly is there such a thing hidden for Stars layout?
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