Hi all,

I'm not much of the blogging type but came across a hand last night that has been on my mind all day, and I wanted to share it with you all. I apologize for now converting it as my hand history is saved on my home PC and i am currently at work.

So I was just at the end of a Rush session on the NL 0.02/0.05 limit.
I had played roughly 220 hands and was up to $10.80 from 4$ and i decided I'll wait one more hand then leave.
I was dealt QQ ,(suits don't matter here and i can't remember them lol), in the BB ($10.80) and was feeling maybe i could squeeze out some more cash before i go.
UTG ($3.60) made a small raise (0.10).
UTG+1 ($3.80) re-raised (0.30).
MP2 (~$26.50) re-raised (3.80)
CU (~$31.60) called.
I felt way beat here so I folded but hit the sitting out first to watch the hand unfold.
UTG and UTG+1 both called and were all-in.

THE FLOP came : A K Q ( I was feeling no regrets at all)

MP2 ($22.70) bet $10.00
CU ($27.80) pushed all-in , MP2 called

UTG shows KK
UTG+1 shows JJ
MP2 shows AA
CU shows TT


The lucky bastard got a straight whee surely he should've been punished for making such a crazy all-in re raise against an obviously strong opponent. Having 6 outs max to win the hand, definately was a suicide raise. I guess based on his stack you could see that he was lucky. The max buy-in to the table is 5$.