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    • Hadi
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      Hey crpwlker and welcome :) Where are you planning to play? did you decide on a style yet?

    • crpwlker187
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      I prefer limit holdem, or NL holdem on the smallest blinds possible (love being able to see a cheap flop with the picturecards). And prefer fulltilt since it is recommended.

      However, After dreaming all night about how im going play poker and earn millions, I wake up this morning to see that I've wasted all my time even bothering signing up and reading the PDF's and doing the quiz.

      I get an email saying I need photo ID, which I dont have because im a disqualified driver and have had my license taken off me.

      Why do you people not make it clear from the beginning what is required in order to get the starting bankroll?

      So that people like me don't waste so much of their valuable time for nothing?!

      To top it off (I've already written this message once and posted it and it says I couldn't post it and deleted everything I've written because it was in less than 300 seconds)

      REALLY REALLY ****ING FRUSTRATING GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • justkyle88
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      Hi crpwlker187,

      Do you have a passport or a proof of age card?

      The ID is necessary to protect PokerStrategy from multiple applications for free money from the same person. There is also legal restrictions PokerStrategy have to abide by, e.g. ensuring that all members are over 18 and not currently resident in the U.S. We need to be sure that you are who you say you are.

      All details/documents you provide are kept in strict privacy and are not provided to anyone outside of PokerStrategy support team & head admins.

      The following link provides a little more detail for you: