• RasTweet
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      Greetings everyone!

      Time to introduce myself!
      They call me RasTweet, Tweet is my nickname at home and Ras is because I'm a rasta. And I'm from Belgium.
      I play poker for a little year now I think. But only for the last couple of months taking it serieusly! I play on FTP
      I started with the $50 that I received from PS. And at 1 moment I was down to about $5. Then I became 2nd on the belgium freeroll and received 12 dollar from there I went up again and I'm up to about $125.
      I've always played NL2 and started today with NL5.
      Have a lot of leaks if I look at my graph it looks like bloody mountains with deeeeep valleys but hey I do make a little profit each week.
      And I'm starting to get a little bit more active on this forum!!
      Soo that was me. And I'll see u maybe at the tables!

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    • HannesZ
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      Hi Tweet,

      Welcome to our community!

      One of the most important things to improve your game is to post hands in our hand evaluation board. I see that you have posted already some hands and you should post there even more.

      Set yourself a goal and post after every session a new hand. This will help you a lot and your graph won't look like bloody mountains with deep valleys anymore and then in the graph you will see your way to the Mount Everest ;)

      Good luck on the tables,