Hello guys

I thought I would make myself a little challenge to keep me interested in online poker. I completed the quiz and was micro bankrolled with $50 on the cake poker site (thanks guys ) and i aim to make it into $1000.

This could be a long Journey as I am limited to playing the 0.5/.10 level in NLHE and from time to time the $1 SnG.

Bankroll management tool wont let me move until i have 500 max buyins, trust me its a good thing lol.

The details so far .....................

Completed Quiz on 25th Jan 2011
Bank Roll/Start date 27th Jan 2011
Site:Cake Poker
Current BR : $103.73
Multi table x2 on the shallow table $5 max buy in or 1 table $10 buy in.

Was $120.00 but had a terrible session and lost on the river every time, so i took a break and will have another session tomorrow after work.

I will keep this updated and am in the process of getting poker tracker 3 for stats graphs etc and will add them as i go, also i have camtasia so i can record some sessions and maybe get one of the coaches to help me leak find.

Anyway enough of me rambling back soon :)