What poker books to buy?

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      Hey guys,

      Im thinking of ordering 3-4 poker books from Amazon. I currently play 1 table SNGs and I am starting to get the hang of it. I have read most of the silver articles and have found them very interesting.

      I may start playing cash eventually if I get my bankroll high enough. ( I really dont like playing the micro stake cash games ) Do you guys recommend I concentrate on SNG, hence only reading stuff and learning about sit and go or should I start reading a bit of stuff about cash games.. Im terrible at cash games, I have no idea what im doing .. well like most bad players I seem to think I make the right moves but Im a losing player at the cash tables and can't seem to know when I made a bad move.. Unlike SNGs.

      So, should I buy some cash game books and learn slowly or should I jsut stick to what Im good at and buy some SNG books. Also, could you guys list the good books out there please!! thanks!! :D

      edit: I play NL holdem. and I didnt realise there was a poker book section please change my threads place. thanks!
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