Keep getting stacked (pot management)

    • Depor07
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      I have found another massive leak in my game. Most of my poker is tournaments but Ive started playing in cash games lately to get more regular wins.
      Im playing at NL5 6max, most of the players are weak tight for the structure so I exploit that by alot of open raising and cbets. Then you get the call hit or fold types and collect alot of 20c/25c calls adding nicely to your profit.
      My problem is I keep going too far with TPTK, managing a raised pot to keep it small is really difficult, it gets to the point of being all in by the river really often. Were only 100bb deep, so with a 5bb raise, then a half pot cbet, if that is called we have a 20bb pot on the flop, a bet and call here then builds it to 40bb, thats with just one caller, if the game is loose then it can be 60 or 80bb and a half pot bet is getting to the stage were all in is possible with a weak hand. Getting 2/1 from the pot with TPTK is hard to resist.
      Also I have the tendency from tournament play to play TPTK fast, and run into trouble quite often.
      So Im winning big stealing, but losing when I have TPTK. Playing better and making more profit with air then with decent (but not great) hands.
      So Im struggling with the 'Small hand small pot, big hand big pot' concept. My deffinition of a big hand is really off for cash games and Im being exploited by weak (hit or fold) players in this regard.
      Anyway this is my struggle for the week, hopefully I can get on top of it, get better at managing the pot size and reduce my ethusiasum for TPTK type hands.
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    • Wriggers
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      I'm sure you know this already but try to play in position as much as possible. It makes pot control much easier. If you've got TPTK or TPGK, a check behind on the turn is fine if the board is right. And then if Villain bets into you on the river you can usually call, or if he checks to you make a value bet.

      Obviously all Villain and board dependant :)