Article/video request : deepstacked.

    • SonicXT
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      I'd like to make a request for an article how to play deepstacked and what risks I'm allowed to take deepstacked.
      I sometimes find it hard to push through with a reasonable hand, where I would easily go all-in if I had only 100BB.

      As a player who reloads frequently and who loves to push people around playing the board and not the cards, I often find myself deepstacked in the range of 225 to 300 BB after a while.
      It's easier to get regular stacked or understacked people out of a pot with a huge stack, but when playing other bigstacks of 150 BB I might lack the heart to follow through where I should.

      So, an article or a content week articles/hand examples might come in handy for players like me who play with a higher variance. :)
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