Whats wrong?

    • LurkerBelow
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      Is there still a problem with support?

      I havent gotten strategy points since 3 december on my Titan account. (i should have gotten more points)
      While my Full tilt account only has till 9 december. after that they are missing aswell. (i dont use this platform anymore tho)

      Then im waiting for more then a week again for my TAF bonus to be transferred to Titan. Last time it took nearly 2 weeks.

      And my referred friends havent been updated for about a week now.

      Dont get me wrong, i got all the time in the world, im just wondering why everything is going so slow lately.
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    • Puschkin81
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      Hi LurkerBelow!

      Concerning the points update: We are dependent on the lists we are getting from the poker rooms. We are updating the StrategyPoints as soon as we get the lists. Concerning your TAF bonus: Please write a ticket to our support team.

      Good luck at the tables!