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[Application] MTT staking Deal

    • ladman
      Joined: 13.04.2009 Posts: 289
      Hi there my name is Jack Daly and have been a member of Pokerstrategy for about 2 years taking poker seriously for about the last 6 months. Initially playing cash games at a mediocre level I turned my hand to MTT's which I have been very successful at thus far at low level games.

      Why I need the Money?: I bought a car, obivously a substancial part of my roll but a good investment especially seen as i can drive it and actually see it. The part that really peeved me off was insurance. You can't see it, you hope never to benefit from ever having it and yet still you fork out further more of your roll for it. Not happy lol.
      I don't require backing as I'm scared of my own money at use, I just, at this moment in time ,have very little of it left. Parties and the car, right?

      My MTT stats:

      Though my stats are good I can understand that volume is small, I have some other stats that haven't been tracked amassing to about the same amount of tournaments at about a breakeven level.

      What I'm looking at playing, I intend for this initial block to play 50 Mtt's, Freezeouts $11-$33 and rebuys of $11. If playing and there are no Mtt's available of this sort on the ongame network or ipoker network, I will shift to Full Tilt or Stars to play 180 man tourneys. This 50 block is a pilot period and I expect to take about a month in an attempt to really study my game and play less volume at a higher skill level. If this pilot goes well I will increase my level of volume and the block size. The reason for my choice of games is that my A game is generally over the mid length MTT's, ie not the 1000+ tourneys at stars and ftp. These are what I'm studying for at the moment and will develop into.

      For this I'm thinking I'll need about $300, and as of the close of stake acceptance and the finalisation of the admin work (payments going through) the next 50 Mtt's will be the block.
      To make up for the lack of volume I intend to create a new staking deal where after the stakers money is matched, the following profit is split 65%-35% in the stakers favour. This is only for a limited period to build a decent reputation and also to provide me with enough volume to eventually in the long run create a new deal which will see me with a little nicer profit.


      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

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