How do you play small pocket pairs at low limits SNG's?

    • independentBG
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      In middle phase from position MP2/3, how do you play pairs 22-66. I would like to remind you that at small limits most of the players tend to call a bet from 3bb. Or maybe I need to be really tight and just fold them? And do you make your c-bet on the flop if one or more cards are bigger then your pair. I know that we should take into account flush or straight draws and the number of opponents, but I just need main drection.
      Thank you!
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    • pzhon
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      At any level, low pocket pairs in bad position are not that profitable. There is a tendency to overvalue low pocket pairs, perhaps due to how much fun it is to flop a set, or the factoid that low pairs are tiny favorites over AK. However, there are many times when it is right to fold them, since they are underdogs against mildly selective ranges and they have an information disadvantage in most small and medium pots. I usually open-fold 22 in the HJ and earlier if no favorable condition is present such as particularly tight blinds.

      66 does better than 22, though, and I normally raise it. 66 gets counterfeited less often, it can beat lower pairs, and it makes more straights.

      When an overcard comes on the flop, that doesn't mean your opponent hit it. You may still want to protect your hand from overcards. However, you usually want to aim for a small pot.

      When a flush draw or straight draw is possible, this does not mean your opponent has that draw, or that it is good to protect your hand by betting. In fact, low pocket pairs are usually at best about even against flush draws or straight draws on the flop, since these draws often have pairing outs so they are like combo draws against a low pair. You may want to consider checking behind on the flop, then betting the turn with the intention of checking behind on the river.