NL HU SNG Br management

    • BoyRobot777
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      Hello, lately am arguing with my friend what bankroll shoul be playing hu sng. Am saying that i have ~820$ and thats quite enought for 22 hu, he says i can play 11 and not higher ... so whats your opinion? I know that conservative approach is 50bi, more moving up and down is 30<. And there is no one opinion, but just want to see what majority thinks..
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    • conall88
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      BRM is dependent on:

      -your edge
      -whether you are happy to deposit if the sh*t hits the fan
      -your stakes
      - multitabling

      personally I would be happy to have 20-25BIs minimum with an roi of 10%+

      35 at 8%

      40 at 5%

      55 at 3% etc.

      of course if you are like me then just use 1/2 kelly imo.

      take a look at that link. its awesome imo.

      has everything u need to know.